December 15, 2020

Mattole Elders Exonerated

Humboldt Court Dismisses All Charges

Lost Coast League's Jane Lapiner, David Simpson, Ellen Taylor and Michael Evenson were cleared of all wrong-doing from when they appeared at the logging gates to dissuade loggers from cutting down Northern Spotted Owl habitat in June of 2019.  Read more

The USFWS has just determined that the owl is not merely Threatened, but the population has dwindled due to the logging of their special, mature forest habitat, to become Endangered under the ESA.  As the Lost Coast League has maintained over the years, the forests of Rainbow Ridge are clearly High Conservation Value Forests, deserving of special protective measures under the FSC rules that HRC operates within.

The dismissal was the subject of Pacifica Radio's FlashPoints interview December 16, 2020.

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