Conservation Letters, Books, Projects & More by Lost Coast League Members 

Poem for the Pacific Fisher, 'Climate Change', by Ellen Taylor

Our senses sharpened, suddenly we froze:

Before us lay a Fisher’s whitened bones...

Rainbow Ridge & LCL Support Letter, by David Simpson

"The company's plans for Rainbow Ridge include logging right up to the borders of Humboldt Redwood State Park, with no provisions for buffers around this national treasure. Logging these ridgelines would could further devastate the wildlife communities..." 

Rainbow Ridge: Concerns of Excessive Timber Harvest In The Mattole

... After several years of inaction in their Mattole holdings, HRC has now submitted

three timber harvest plans for Rainbow Ridge... and in most estimates include the last, biggest and best stands of timber that Maxxam left standing on the Mattole holdings.

Mattole Forests: Certification of Humboldt Redwood Company

... the Mattole Exception.  The Mattole portion of HRC’s forests are unique... Any certification criteria for practices in the redwood region do not necessarily apply here.  For one, there is no redwood.  That is, the forest differs greatly.  But more importantly, the underlying geology is more unstable, the slopes steeper, the soils unconsolidated.  The potential for mass wasting is extreme.

Poem To Mike Jani, Lead Forrester of HRC, from Antonio Vivaldi, by Ellen Taylor

... in the rainbow of a fermata over our forests, and I will make you a concerto braided from the silver spirits of the North Forks and we will play it for you in Heaven...

From the Redwood Forest: Ancient Trees and the Bottom Line: A Headwaters Journey, by Joan Dunning

This is a book about the satisfaction that comes from action, effective action, activism. I feel that Americas's "almost activists", the people who care but are afraid to act, are about to emerge.

LCL Sign On Letter: Rainbow Ridge

Concerns relating to logging of this rare lowland Douglas Fir forest vary due to the sheer volume they propose to harvest this year alone.  The harvesting is proposed on the most geologically unstable zones on the North Coast.  

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