VOLUNTEER- Sometimes it sealing envelopes, others its attending meetings, or working at fundraising events, or cleaning up forests, streams, and beaches. 


HOST & ATTEND FUNDRAISERS- Host or attend a community event in your area to help raise funds for conservation movements. 


PUBLIC OUT REACH- Voice your concern! Talk to people in your community. Reach out on social media. 


PUBLIC POLICY- Support local and global conservation measures. Lobby. Write to our public and elected officials about the importance of conservation and restoration. 


PHILANTROPY- Support a more sustainable future. 


DONATIONS FOR ACTIVISTS- Activists appreciate donations of all sorts. It keeps their spirits high and allows them to spend more time focusing on the cause. Past donations have included generous contributions from Patagonia that gave forrest defenders and tree sitters the clothing and geat they needed to brave the north coast winters. Other donations included contributions from Cliff Bar and food from local businesses and community members. 


ACTIVISM ON THE FRONT-LINES- Year round, acticvists monitor and protect our endagered forrests. Feel a call to action? 


TREE PLANTING & OTHER RESTORATION PROJECTS- Restoration efforts are critical in supporting our existing ecosystem and restoring the already damaged areas. They can involve diverse skillsets such as stream restoration,  fishery management, tree planting and seed harvesting.  


SPEND TIME IN OUR FORRESTS- Take a hike, go camping, explore the natural wonders we are working so hard to protect. 



Mattole Activist Banner
The Lovely Mattole
Doug Fir Tree Stumps
Protesting at PL on a stump
Hiking in nature
Mattole Activist Banner
Trees marked and tagged
Mattole Road Blockade
Michael Evenson on Horseback

Successful conservation and restoration efforts require activism.  There are important roles available for people of all interests and means. Some involve hosting fun events, writing letters, collecting donations,  and most of all we encourage all people interested in conservation to spend more time enjoying our nations forests.

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